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“April is the cruelest month”


It’s true.ImageThe sun is shining, the snow is melting, plants are growing, everything is just out of whack!

I live in Canada, southern Ontario to be more specific, and well, we have a lot of weather change here. This can set off moods like a rocket and definitely unsettle people. I get hypomanic in the fall, and somewhat depressed in the winter, and mixed in spring. Happy Easter everybody! (Even though I don’t understand that holiday at all) 

Springtime is high time for manic episodes, but they aren’t exactly sure why. (Surprise, surprise)

 Admissions to psychiatric wards, in Ontario Canada, is April, mostly for mania. This was confirmed by Dr. Levitt, a psychiatrist at Sunnybrook Hospital in Toronto(1) Many patients go from blah, depressed, to BAM! Manic!

 Remember, mania can be just as debilitating as depression. It’s not all fun and games and it can land you in a lot of trouble. Irritation and grandiose ideas are two problems that accompany mania, as well as excessive spending and irresponsibility. This is known as “seasonal bipolar”.

 Daylight savings time can also throw of the proverbial bipolar clock. There are more hours of light in the day and this can be very confusing to the mind and body. Myself, I get extraordinarily tired. All of this can activate bipolar disorder, even if you’re properly medicated and cared for. If you are properly medicated and cared for, it makes the transition easier, but it still sucks. For bipolar students, the stress is increased as the end of the school year is in sight, and it’s time to cram for exams.

 Cutting down on caffeine and eating properly can help through this transition, as well as getting the same amount of sleep at the same time at night. And take your meds!

 March Madness and September Sadness are no joke, they have been in history as far back as we can go in studying mood disorders. There is no real explanation, just hypothesis on what might cause this scenario. You may or may not end up hypo (or full out) manic, but take precautions. A manic episode can be devastating!

If you live in an area without as dramatic seasonal changes, unlike Canada, you may be getting off lucky.

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7 thoughts on ““April is the cruelest month”

    • Sorry for the super later reply. Yes, diet has a huge impact on many illnesses and health in general. If you feed your body crap, it feels like crap. It’s okay to eat something “bad” once in a while as a treat, but all the time is not good.
      I also realized after college that there is nothing better than a home cooked meal by mom.

  1. April was always my cruelest month. I believe my very first hypomanic episode occurred in April ’05, and my absolute worst episode was in April ’08. This is another one of those things that pisses me off about people who deny mental illness. If it’s all fake, then why do we experience these cyclical shifts in mood with the seasons? I’m so grateful that because of medication, I no longer fear springtime!

    • I’m glad you no longer fear springtime. Meds definitely help. It’s such a beautiful time. I’m weird, I get bad in the summer, and better in the winter. Unfortunately this year, due to stress, I broke down from mania to mixed in October and ended up hospitalized. ’nuff about me.
      A LOT of people have cyclical shifts with seasons, especially those in areas with drastic seasonal shifts. Northern states, Canada. Days get shorter or longer.. It’s just screwy with the mind!
      There’s a lot of anti-psychiatry, anti-med people out there.. It’s unfortunate. A lot of people that need help, don’t get it. I feel bad. I’m all for more affordable, if not free, healthcare, and affordable meds. It is, of course, in our heads, because, well, we ARE mentally ill!
      If you’d like to add anything, go right ahead. Open to comments. Thanks for your contribution!

      • Truly sorry to hear about your recent hospitalization. :/ I’ve never been in a psych hospital, but the idea of being hospitalized freaks me out a bit.
        Those anti-psychiatry/anti-med people offend the hell out of me. I’m doing an internship at a community mental health agency, and my supervisor is one of them. I wrote about this fairly recently on my blog. He goes on and on every day about how there’s absolutely nothing wrong with the clients and how they should stop taking their meds. He thinks people create their own illness! Some days I am tempted to tell him, “Shut up. Just because you’ve never dealt with something does not mean it is fake and imaginary.” It’s so hard to sit back and listen to such nonsense when some people, myself included, have dealt with all these things that he denies. He has seriously convinced himself that psychiatry is pure evil and has a pretty extensive library of books that is focused on this particular topic. Harm, harm, harm. That’s all he sees. He doesn’t see how some people get proper treatment and end up living decent lives. Sorry for going on a mini-rant here, but it’s just something that bothers me on a daily basis. I imagine that you can understand why.

      • Hey, thanks for the support. The hospitalization helped. It wasn’t freaky or anything. Just boring most of the time. We had groups and stuff.. I start outpatient therapy tomorrow (Tuesday)
        I need to start going around to others blogs.. I have more spare time now.
        Some people are so ignorant! Bitchslap! Ugh, that guy SUCKS. Mini rants are fine, so are full out rants. I go on ’em all the time.

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