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Involuntary Patient

Sorry, I had some stuff I was going to post yesterday but I had great fun going through the ER trying to find a new psychiatrist (mine retired) and ending up involuntary committed to the psych ward. I got out this morning after a 30 second “chat” with the staff psychiatrist, who referred me to someone not taking patients, back to the start.

I don’t see why I have to do all this by myself, or why I was admitted at all. I asked to speak to a psychiatrist about my medications, the doctor (it was his first day) demanded blood work and an EKG, which I had last week. I said no, I just want to talk to a psychiatrist. He asked if I ever attempted suicide.

If he saw my arms, he’d know, but I wear long sleeves. I said, once, when I was 17.

Apparently that made me a DANGER TO MYSELF and refusing the testing made me PSYCHOTIC so he served me with a Form 42 and would not let me talk to a patient’s advocate, which is illegal. 

They denied me my regular doses of Xanax and I went into withdrawal quickly.They referred me to this psych and that one, none are taking patients. I left with no med changes and with all of my patient rights violated.

I was not psychotic (I was saner than he) nor have I hurt myself in years (May 12, 2011). My last suicide attempt was in 2001.

I give up.


9 thoughts on “Involuntary Patient

  1. What the hell! I wish I knew how to fight that… I would be so angry! I’m angry just reading it!

    Is there any way you could go the route I did? I found group therapy and instead of actually going for it, the first meeting I got to talk to the worker and got referred to a psychiatrist. I never went to group, I just conned them out of a psychiatrist, lol.

    Do you guys need referrals for them? Or can you phone them and ask if they’re taking patients?

    • If I would have fought it, security would have been after me. So I just gave up and complied.

      We need referrals, but we can phone them and ask about patients. I got one last name I have to call tomorrow.

      • Noooo, not fighting like with them, I mean some sort of outside help to say they did it illegally and something should be done about it.

        I hope you manage to get one! Mental health care is atrocious!

  2. San, yes they can hold you for three days, but form 42 also states that they have to allow you a phone and lawyer so you can dispute inane decisions from newbie doctors that have their heads up their butts. I am so angry. Patient rights were violated. I will let you take that thought to where I would go with it.

    I hope you are ok now, that was just so wrong. *hugs*

    So I am guessing you don’t have a gp?

    • Yes, I’ve been on a form 1 and such before. They violated pretty much all my rights and the Xanax thing just PISSED me off. Withdrawal is no fun.
      They did NOT have a valid reason as stated on the Form 1 to hold me. I was not in danger to myself, others, psychotic, etc. I met none of the criteria and I have gone to the ER for much, much worse before and sent home. I wasn’t even upset, I explained myself calmly, my boyfriend filled in some details, I basically said, “I just want to speak with a psychiatrist or somebody that can help with my medications” and he put me on a form.
      The nurses said before I was discharged that there was no reason for me to be there.

      • he needs a slap. I would make some waves. Why would you ever want to go back?

        On one hand, if there are suspicions I can see the need for the stay. T’is better to err on the safe side. But this is why you have access to a phone and lawyer if you wish, obviously if you are able to question things, then someone should be awake and go hmmmm. rather than poke their heads up their butts farther and mess you up.

        You must be so far past frustrated. please don’t give up.

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