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Does semen help with depression in women?


Well, sure, temporarily for the person receiving it. It feels good and it releases endorphins, plus it burns off calories. But what does it do to the recipient? Or the giver? Let’s taking a sexy scientific approach. And we’ll go on both sides of the fence, those who think it does and those that think it doesn’t.

Range of chemicals in semen ‘promote mental well-being and feelings of affection’, say researchers.”(1)

The State New York University conducted a study using surveying comparing 293 women to their sex life and mental health.

Apparently, semen fluid carries three “ingredients” that fight depression. Women having unprotected sex (you should always use protection!(me)) were less depressed and scored higher on cognitive tests.

Semen contains “spermatozoa” and cortisol, which causes affection and elevates mood. It also includes thyrotropin, another antidepressant, melatonin, which is used for sleep and serotonin itself, the main chemical factor in depression.

However, this isn’t new news. The studies were carried out 10 years ago. It basically compares women using condoms or other barrier methods, and women who are not.(2)

This study is full of holes and extreme caution should be used when interpreting anything from it”. 

The research began when scientists wanted to know if semen had an effect on mood in women, and that the chemicals in semen can be absorbed in the vagina. This research, done by anonymous survey, doesn’t show cause and effect.

The research involved: frequency of sex, number of days since they last had sex, and the type of contraceptive used. They were to fill out a survey on depression as well.


  • 87% of the women were sexually active.

  • Women who had sex without condoms had lower depression scores than those who were abstraining.

  • Depression scores between women using condoms and not were very different.

  • Of the women who had never used condoms, 4.5% had attempted suicide, compared to 7.4% in the “sometimes use” group, 28.9% in the “usually use” group and 13.2% in the “always use” group.

* The 2002 study did not involve oral sex, only vaginal.

Sorry guys…

There just isn’t enough information to add up and conclude this study. It’s over 10 years old and there aren’t enough factors to make great statistics, or to prove that this is true. Women not using condoms may have poor impulse control, for example(3). Even if it does help with depression, you’d need a lot of semen to help, it’s definitely no cure, but hey, do what you’ve gotta do!

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