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Book Review: More Now Again (Elizabeth Wurtzel)

I am not a huge Wurtzel fan. In her first book, Prozac Nation, the one that kicked off her career, I wasn’t thrilled about it and it was a long read for me. She came off as selfish, irresponsible and attention seeking. I got a “fuck everybody else, the only person in the universe is me” vibe.


Now, with More, Now, Again, she straight up says the book is about her and drug use. Not people, not friends. She blatantly uses her friends to send her drugs, and after being arrested, actually asks a police officer if they can stop at an ATM so she can get herself out of jail for shoplifting.

The book describes her drug use. Again and again. Not caring if her friends see her snorting Ritalin. Moving from place to place. Tweaking (tweezing the hair from her legs and getting infections) She comes off as selfish and narcissistic. She lacks emotion and everything she does is for herself. She expects the world to bow down to her.

She tries to romanticize drug use, starting on the first page of the book. She obviously has problems deeper than atypical depression (something she was proud of in her first book, because it’s “better” than normal depression) She gets herself into bad situations, the entire book is Me! Me! Me! She eventually goes to rehab. She can’t manage real-world grown-up things like her finances. She hires a CPA to do that for her. I was appalled when she missed a great opportunity with Coach and tries not to take the blame for herself. It’s always somebody elses fault.

The book is decently written, it doesn’t really have a “tone” to it. It is written with blatant honesty, at least, she knows what she has done wrong, but doesn’t do much to correct it. Honestly, I liked the memoir, but got sick of it near the end and if I pick it up to read again, I can only go for a few pages before I get bored. I am not a big Wurtzel fan. She needs not to be coddled, she needs a tough-love approach. She lies to get what she wants, and admits it. Sending cocaine in the mail?! That’s absurd!

I won’t be reading any of her future books. This book caused me to rage a little bit. I felt pity for her in Prozac Nation, but she’s really playing the “poor me” card. She was more relate-able in Prozac Nation, and I give that 2.5 stars. This book barely gets 2. People either love her, or hate her, I noticed, from her book on Amazon. I fall in the latter category. This book is an okay read, it’s long and has boring, repetitive parts, but it is interesting, I’ll give it that much.


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